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The waiting game

I feel like everything is at a stand still! I'm waiting for a few samples that I order to come in the mail that I'm excited about and its also taking forever, which is making me anxious.. and the LLC is being processed and I hope they approve the name S.W.E.A.T (strong women exercise and train) fingers cross, because  its what I want my brand to stand for! I can't wait to get my product out that I'm thinking about starting of with just sport bras I figured I can get my feet wet with that!lol

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Getting business started "being present"

This is my first business and also this is the first year that I've got into yoga really learning and understanding the practice! What I've  always take away from my mat every time "be present" and with that being said I've been present with this active wear business just being able to feel every emotion whether its good or bad because these are moments I will never get back.

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